Carla Maia

ESVP-ECVP Congress


Carla Maia graduated in Veterinary Medicine (University Técnica de Lisboa), obtained MSc degree in Medical Parasitology (Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, IHMT, University NOVA of Lisbon, NOVA), a PhD degree and the Habilitation title in Biomedical Sciences, specialization in Parasitology at the same Institution. She is Specialist on Veterinary Parasitology by the European Veterinary Parasitology College, recognized by the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation. Currently, she is an Assistant Researcher at the Medical Parasitology Unit, of the IHMT-NOVA.
Long experience in Leishmania and phlebotomine sand flies (epidemiology, diagnosis, field research, vector-pathogen-host interactions). In recent years she has carried out studies on phleboviruses in humans, domestic animals and sand flies, and agents transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes with zoonotic or veterinary importance.
C. Maia has acted as PI/PI responsible for the participation of IHMT/UNL in nine projects and one international network regarding leishmaniasis. She belonged to the Management committee of 2 COST-Actions. She was a team member in seven projects, in eight networks and worked as study director in a clinical study. Member of the Scientific Committee of ACL3 insectary (IHMT-NOVA) responsible for experimental infections of sand flies.
She has published three chapters in international books published by Springer and over 95 papers in international peer-review journals with an impact factor.