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Overview of the Histology of Invertebrate Species

Date: Thursday 29th August 2024
Time: 16.15 – 17.45
Speaker: Elise LaDouceur
Room: Aula 12
Workshop Fee: €50,00 incl. VAT
Maximum number of attendees: 40 participants

This workshop will review the normal histology of invertebrates. The goal of this workshop is to help participants identify normal invertebrate tissues in histologic sections. We will review histologic images from various taxa with a focus on invertebrates that are reviewed most commonly by invertebrate pathologists. Histology of both aquatic and terrestrial species will be reviewed, including cephalopods, arachnids, cnidarians, insects, and more!

Establishing Consistency in Tumor Prognosis Assessment: How Do Your Evaluations Stack Up Against Those of Your Peers?

Date: Friday 30th August 2024
Time: 16.15 – 17.15
Speaker: Pompei Bolfa & Christof A. Bertram
Room: Aula 12
Workshop Fee: €50,00 incl. VAT
Maximum number of attendees: 40 participants

Assessment of prognostic tumor parameters is a routine task for diagnostic pathologists; however, clinical use of this information is hampered by inter-observer variability, and standardization efforts have been introduced ( This one-hour workshop will cover three important histological prognostic parameters (mitotic count, nuclear pleomorphism, and lymphovascular invasion). We will review the definitions and current diagnostic approaches, followed by an interactive discussion on the source of interobserver inconsistency and possible methods of improvement. The discussion will be facilitated by working through examples of each prognostic parameter. Attendees will be invited to participate in polls before the workshop.

Certificate in Veterinary Forensic Pathology: a Simulation.

Date: Saturday 31st August 2024
Time: 11.30 – 13.00
Speakers: Case analysis with the Steering Group
Room: Aula 12
Workshop Fee: €50,00 incl. VAT
Maximum number of attendees: 25 participants

This workshop will be hosted by members of the Steering Group for Certification in Forensic Veterinary Pathology. It is an interactive session that simulates the process of forensic case evaluation for the Certificate in Forensic Veterinary Pathology. Participants (25 max) are asked to submit anonymised cases for evaluation prior to the event. Some of these will be discussed (full anonymity is ensured!) with the audience, to highlight potential issues or weakness in light of the Certification process and/or a court scenario. Further information will follow, prior to the deadline for case submission ahead of the workshop.