Saturday 31st August

Toxicological Pathology

09.00-09.45 | Computational pathology applied to toxicologic pathology: learning to ride AI’s wave of opportunity | Julie Boisclair

09.45-10.00 | AI Panel | Debate specific Quizz 

10.00-10.45 | Neuropathology insights via cryofluorescent tomography (CFT)  | Elizabeth Galbreath

10.45-11.00 | Case Presentation: Comparative AAV-duplex amiR-SOD1 -related findings in nervous system of Cynomolgus monkeys, New Zealand White rabbits, and C57BL/6 mice | Ingrid Pardo

11.00-11.30 | Coffee Break 

11.30-12.15 | Tissue technology in blood-brain barrier organoids as combined efficacy/toxicity high throughput spatial readouts in early drug screening | Luisa Bell

12.15-13.00 | Unveiling CNS Complexity and Drug Responses through Spatial Transcriptomics | Kerstin Hahn & Benedek Pesti

13.00-13.15 | Case Presentation: Bilateral basal nuclei vacuolar lesions - A novel and emerging potential background finding in Beagle dogs | Stefanie Arms

13.15-13.30 | Case Presentation: Ultrastructural changes in sensory nerves: Findings in DRG and peripheral nerves | Emily Meseck


Anatomic Pathology

09.30-11.00 | Mystery Slide Session: Whats' your Diagnosis | Pedro Faísca & Luca Aresu 

11.00-11.30 | Coffee Break 

11.30-13.00 | The Global Health Pathology Network (GHPN) and Establishing Relationships Through Foundational Pathology Training: An Information Session | Javier Asin

11.30-12.15 | PARR what does it mean? | Manfred Henrich

12.15-13.00 | From Pixels to Patterns: The Transformative Power of AI in Neuropathology Research | Lev Stimmer