Mystery Slide Session

The ESVP/ECVP Scientific Committee  is preparing an interactive “Mystery Slide session” where each case will be presented and informally discussed with colleagues in 10 minutes. The topic of the session is open. The case session will be held on Saturday, 31st August 2024

Please consider a submission as a mystery case if you have cases that fit with one of the following situations:

-          diagnostic challenges
-          cold cases
-          “once in a lifetime” cases
-          “I have seen something you wouldn’t believe” cases

The deadline submission is before Monday 17th June 2024.
Please send your submissions to session chairs Pedro Faísca ( and Luca Aresu ( by email with the subject line “(Your name) Second Opinion Round Session Mystery Slide Case Submission” and attach the following: 

If you already have one or more of those cases, you can start preparing a single PDF document consisting of a summary of the case (250 words maximum) including title, your name, institution, and contact information (e-mail address mandatory), signalment, short history, summary of representative gross and microscopic findings, any additional supporting data, and no more than five good quality images (including histology and/or gross pictures, special stains, immunohistochemistry and any other useful technique such as clonality, EM etc.) that are representative of the lesion.

Because we want it to be interactive and a voting system will be available, please think on multi-choice differentials for each diagnosis.

We are thrilled to get your cases.