Preliminary Scientific Program

Tuesday, 26th September 2023 (morning symposium)
IATP Symposium on:
Medical Device Safety Assessment: Pathology and Toxicology Perspectives

The global medical device (MD) industry continues to grow due to significant rise in use of medical devices as an interventional therapy or delivery tool. The preclinical development process of safety assessment of medical devices is unique, ever evolving to meet the regulatory requirements that are often different from that of other modalities. This symposium provides an overview of the current status, recent advances, and future trends on the following topics in Medical Device Safety Assessment.

Tuesday, 26th September 2023 (start at 13.15)
The ESTP congress will kick off with a general introduction on Emerging Therapeutic Modalities, to present a short overview of relevant therapeutic platforms used in the toolbox of drug discovery and development. This introductory session will be followed by presentations on nucleic acid therapies, including a deep dive into the technology and common toxicity liabilities.

Wednesday, 27th September 2023
Wednesday morning will continue with the topic antibody-based therapies. Technology platforms, such as next generation bispecific antibodies or antibody-drug conjugates will be presented as well as relevant aspects related to toxicity and safety assessment, immunogenicity, impurities, and in vitro assessment. The afternoon sessions will open the subject of gene and cell therapies with a general overview on this modality.

Thursday, 28th September 2023
Thursday morning will be dedicated to investigative and toxicopathology assessment of adeno-associated virus as well as gene editing platforms. The morning sessions will conclude with a presentation on regulatory and risk assessment of the platforms. In the afternoon, the program will continue with the topic of targeted protein degraders, starting with a general presentation on these modalities (including PROTACS and molecular glues) followed by presentations on their safety assessment.

Friday, 29th September 2023 (morning until 12.00)
The first session on Friday morning will close the topic of targeted protein degraders. Finally, the last session before the closing ceremony will be dedicated to presenting the changes included in the addendum of the ICH guideline S1B(R1) on carcinogenicity testing of pharmaceuticals.

Case Presentations
This year case presentations will be intercalated within the program in multiple nutshell sessions intended to cheer and challenge the audience.

An award ceremony will include the Best Poster Award and the Publication Award, sponsored by the SFTP and the ESTP, respectively.

Annual General Assembly
Thursday, 28th September 2023
10.45-12.00: This year’s Annual General Assembly is scheduled for the last morning session before the lunch break. 

Congress Dinner
Thursday, 28th September 2023
19.45h: We will all meet at Klara in Clarastrasse 13, 4058 Basel