Preliminary Scientific Program

Tuesday, 13th September 2022 (morning symposium)
IATP Symposium on Alzheimer’s disease (separate registration necessary).

Tuesday, 13th September 2022 (start at 13.15)
The ESTP congress starts with an introduction to the histopathology of the female reproductive tract, covering a broad range of subjects such as best practices of histology, immaturity, staging, senescence, spontaneous and induced pathology as well as placental histology. This first general session will be followed by a session on Extended One Generation Toxicology studies.

Wednesday, 14th September 2022
The first session of the day will focus on human pathology and hormone-related pathology. In this session human aspects of female health and disease as well as preclinical research and development in some animal models will be presented. The second session of the scientific program on Wednesday includes several presentations on proliferative mammary gland lesions including human breast cancer. This is followed by a third session on preclinical carcinogenicity testing, with an update on the INHAND nomenclature of the female reproductive tract and on carcinogenicity testing of pharmaceuticals.

In the afternoon, The "Maronpot Guest Lecture" (sponsored by The Telikicherla Higher Education Foundation) which recognizes Dr. Robert Maronpot for his significant contributions to the field of toxicologic pathology and the advancement of the IATP, will be awarded to Mark Cline.

Thursday, 15th September 2022
The morning session of this day covers a wide range of new techniques and models that can be useful in preclinical research & development and toxicity testing within the area of female health. After the lunch break, the program continues with a session on endocrine disruption covering the regulatory aspects of endocrine disrupting chemicals as well as their impact on women’s reproductive health. In the following part of the program, some colleagues will be able to present a few slides illustrating their posters (not necessarily all related to the female reproductive tract).

Friday, 16th September 2022 (morning until 12.15)
The final morning session will be dedicated to case presentations, which will not necessarily be related to the female reproductive tract. These cases will be followed by a presentation on Fish Pathology Nomenclature, which is described in a new INHAND publication. As fish pathology is a fast-growing field within toxicologic pathology, this will be a valuable closing presentation of the Congress.

The Chirukandath Gopinath Award was established by the British Society of Toxicological Pathology in 2008 in recognition of his many lectures to the Continuing Education Symposia of the BSTP, his co-authorship of three seminal text books, his long  and successful career in toxicological pathology, and his continued support to the profession. This year it will be rewarded to Christine Ruehl-Fehlert. 

In addition, we anticipate to be able to offer some short presentations and/or mini workshops on progresses, tools, and AI solutions in digital pathology including examples of how Artificial Intelligence can be used to detect changes in the reproductive organs by vendors with expertise in this area.

Annual General Assembly

Thursday, 15th September 2022
12.30-14.00: This year we hope to see you all at the Annual General Assembly during lunch time. So, take your lunch and join us!