The in-person training sessions will take place in Basel, Switzerland. A city of culture, a trade fair city and a university city – Basel is described in many different ways.

Although Basel is located in the north of Switzerland, it still offers plenty of southern flair. This city on the Rhine borders directly on Germany and France, right at the heart of Europe. This is why the inhabitants of Basel have always had a certain cosmopolitan outlook and make excellent hosts. And anyone going down to the banks of the Rhine on a summer evening will immediately feel as if they are on holiday.

Like all Swiss cities, Basel benefits from its manageable size, because you can get rapidly from A to B. Public transport will take you wherever you want to go both quickly and punctually, including over the border into Germany or France. And the best thing about it – as a hotel guest you automatically receive the BaselCard, giving you free travel on the trams and buses. The card also offers additional benefits, such as free WiFi in Basel and reductions for a large number of cultural and leisure activities in the region.

It is not by chance that Basel is regarded as the cultural capital of Switzerland. After all, the city can boast 40 museums within its area of just 37km2, which works out at more than one museum per km2! Existing and aspiring gallery owners, collectors and celebrities are also familiar with the name of the city for another reason. It was here that Art Basel, the most significant contemporary art show, was founded 50 years ago.

Some facts about Basel:

• 100 % of Basel’s electricity is generated from renewable sources
• Green city with at least one park in each district

Prime Location for the Life Sciences
• The headquarters of Roche and Novartis, two of the five globally leading pharmaceutical companies, are located in Basel
• It’s thus no surpise: DNA, LSD and Vitamin C were discovered in Basel
• Highest concentration of Life Sciences companies in Europe

• 10,000 hotel rooms in the Basel metro area
• 1,000 hotel rooms within walking distance
• 4,000 Airbnb places