Bernd Riebesehl

ESTP Congress


Dr. Bernd Riebesehl is Senior Technical Project Leader in Technical Project and Portfolio Management at Novartis AG, Basel, Switzerland.
At Novartis he is leading the early technical development of several drug products including long acting injectables. Externally Dr. Riebesehl has been serving as Advisory Board Member of the European Society of Clinical Nanomedicine, and chaired drug delivery sessions for the Section Drug Delivery of International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology (APV).
He completed his thesis in Pharmaceutical Technology at the Technical University of Braunschweig.
1992 he started his industrial career at Lilly Forschung GmbH in Hamburg leading several teams for
preformulation, early phase development and formulation development. In his role as Research
Advisor in Pharmaceutical R&D he led several initiatives enabling the formulation of poorly soluble
drugs. In 2007 he became Director of Pharmaceutical Development at Speedel Experimenta AG,