Shuttle Service

You can book 2 types of shuttles with Jacobs Travel via the linke below. A shared shuttle service or a private taxi. Please book the shuttle 48hrs in advance otherwise we cannot guarantee a booking.  
The shuttles are available from Brussels Airport, Dusseldorf Airport and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from 12 - 16 September.

For bookings or more information please click here.

Dutch Railway Strikes - CANCELLED!

The Dutch Railways strikes announced earlier are cancelled. For the latest information, always take a look at the website:

Strikes regional bus transport:  16 September

There will be strikes in the regional bus transport in different regions on multiple days. The 9292 planner will show you an alternative journey if possible on the day of the strike.

It is currently difficult to estimate what the consequences will be for your trip. For the most current situation, keep an eye on the messages in the 9292 travel planner.